Annie Cafer

Anne Cafer, Conference Logistics & Scheduling

Anne is a PhD candidate and US Borlaug Fellow at the University of Missouri-Columbia in the Department of Rural Sociology. She holds a Masters degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Anthropology and a BSc in Biology and Sociology from Northwest Missouri State University. During her graduate career at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Anne worked with at-risk immigration populations and conducted her field research in South Wollo, Ethiopia. At University of Missouri-Columbia Anne worked with the Interdisciplinary Center for Food Security, compiling data from several state and federal agencies to assess food security needs for Missouri counties. Anne also served as president of the Rural Sociology Graduate Student Association. Anne is currently studying the relationship between rural subsistence farming communities and extension services in Ethiopia, with an emphasis on the role extension plays in farmers’ decision making processes on adoption of tef technologies and improved management practices.

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