Yassine Dguidegue

Yassine Dguidegue earned his BA degree in Pedagogy and a Master degree in Cross-Cultural Studies from Mohammed the Fifth University, Rabat, Morocco. He is currently a PhD student in Rural Sociology at the University of Missouri. In Morocco, Yassine worked on research projects on cultural development in Moroccan rural areas. Thanks to his interest in rural development and his aspiration to learn more about how non-profit organizations work with rural communities, Yassine decided to volunteer and conduct research at Heifer Ranch, Heifer Intl, Arkansas. Yassine’s affiliation with the Chatham House and the British Council, gave him the opportunity to contribute to the inception of a Moroccan NGO, named MPH (Mena Policy Hub). As the Vice president of MPH, he has provided trainings on matters of policy analysis to Moroccan associations, schools, and NGOs. Yassine’s major interests revolve around inter-faith dialogue, community development, experiential learning, and conflict management.
With Heifer Intl,Yassine has been involved in:
– Leading experiential learning education on hunger and poverty.


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