Adam Cobb

Adam Cobb has focused his career around the soil dynamics of agroecosystems and nutrition security.  Healthy soil and ecological partnership are the keys to sustainability, and the world needs farm systems that holistically incorporate microbial symbiosis to achieve regenerative agriculture.  Adam is assessing the benefits of the mutualistic relationship between arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi in farm soils and grain sorghum/cowpea crops.


Discoveries regarding sustainable farm production through soil ecology have vast implications for the future of poverty reduction.  The research is unique by linking belowground plant-soil-microbial interactions directly to food production and nutrition outcomes.  This is why Adam has taken coursework in nutrition and food sciences, soil ecology and biogeochemistry, entrepreneurship and development, and agricultural education.  The centralizing theme of his research and side projects connects appropriate technologies and approaches for food system innovations in the developing world.


He has a great interest in living overseas and working on a community poverty-reduction project in the next few years.  Specifically, he would like to be the link between farmers, an NGO, and a research institution—creating a collaborative network of discovery and action to improve nutrition, livelihoods, and local ecosystems through sustainable development.

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