Maria Kalaitzandonakes


Maria is a CoMo native with a mile-long last name. I’m a sucker for wool socks, classic Coca Cola and afternoon naps. If I had a pet, I’d dub it Pigwidgeon, or maybe Alastor. I’ve stood right in between Asia and Europe, eaten my weight in lamb meat and walked the Great Wall. I’m fluent in Greek and a little wobbly in Spanish. I’ve broken my arm and lost five pairs of glasses. And I say “both” with an L, as in boLth, like a true Missourian.


CAFNR is where I call home right now, as an Agricultural Economics and Science and Agricultural Journalism double-major student. I’m a research assistant at the Economics and Management of Agrobiotechnology Center, studying science media biases. And I’m president of MU’s chapter of International Association of Students in Agriculture and Related Sciences and Community Outreach Chair for Agricultural Communicators and Leaders of Tomorrow. Someday I hope to work in research or public policy focusing on food security. 

Twitter: MariaKalaitz, Instagram: MariaKalaitz

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