Media & Hunger Reporting Trends in the 21st Century




The International UFWH Summit’s Media & Hunger Reporting Trends in the 21st Century working group is expected to bring together students, volunteers, Community organizers, faculty, administrators, researchers and advocates from across the globe for networking, training, and sharing of innovative and creative methods of advocacy on behalf of low-income people.


  1. The pros and cons of sensationalized media in Global Hunger Reporting and Media Coverage: How far is too far?
  2. Digital story telling strategies in Global Hunger Reporting and Media Coverage.
  3. The roles of gender, faith-based organizations, and culture in Hunger Reporting and Media Coverage.
  4. The roles of social media vs mass media: Reframing the Hunger Narrative in America.
  5. Focus on creative and collaborative solutions for ethically reporting hunger issues internationally.
  6. Cultivate a group of student leaders to plan next steps (through volunteering, teaching, and advocating) in enhancing Hunger Reporting and Media Coverage to continue the push towards a global strategy and shared learning opportunities.
  7. Provide opportunities for community members to grow as leaders, engage with issues affecting them, and connect with other leaders.

Concurrent Session 2
Location: Bond Life Science Center (LSC) Date: February 26, 2016 Time: 4:00 pm - 5:45 pm Nina Furstenau Roger Thurow Rachael Gamlin Salma Bahramy Amy McCombs – Moderator