Debbie Dougherty, PhD

debbiedoughertyDr. Debbie Dougherty’s scholarship focuses on power in organizations, particularly as it pertains to gender, emotions, and social class. She is most widely recognized for her research on sexual harassment with numerous publications on this topic in national and international journals. Her research on emotions, especially emotional intelligence has been widely used by scholars across disciplines and around the world. Extending her research, Dougherty has begun a systematic program of research exploring the production of social class. In 2011, Dr. Dougherty published a book about issues of communication and social justice titled, “The Reluctant Farmer: An Exploration of Work, Social Class, and the Production of Food Her research in this area examines the ramifications of the hidden stratification system in American society that is produced at the intersection of communication and work. Dougherty is known for her expertise in feminist standpoint theory, and is a specialist in qualitative research methods. Her research has been published in Human Communication Research , Communication Monographs , Communication Yearbook , Management Communication Quarterly , Journal of Applied Communication Research , and more.

Debbie has distinguished herself as an outstanding researcher in the field of communication studies. She has received numerous awards for her research and community projects including the Norman K. Denzin Qualitative Research Award and the Excellence in Education Award. She has been awarded 4 grants at MU, including a summer research fellowship. Her work as been recognized in the discipline through 8 top-four paper awards at both regional and national conferences. In addition, she and her husband own a small farm in Missouri and produce most of their own food.


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